Saturday, July 28, 2012

Starting my Journey


I guess this marks the start of my journey in this mysterious blogging world...

Well, it's not really my first time blogging since I made a pathetic blog when I was in high school. You know, stuffs like confessing your unrequited love for your seatmate, ranting about your best friend turned mortal enemy, recounting your kilig moments when your crush smiled at you and make pa-cute, making a big deal out of a teacher's wrong pronunciation or spelling, complaining on why your parents are so strict with everything and sharing the world on how you always feel 'rejection'. Sounds familiar? I thought so too. lol

I think everyone passes that stage. Where you feel insecure and you don't know how you fit in the society. Nowadays, teens call it "emo", but if you're a nurse you would know that it's the fifth stage of Erik Erikson's theory of psycho-social development - Identity vs Role Confusion. (I hated memorizing this back then. haha)

Anyways, I really don't know what pushed me to this. But I think it's the desire of doing something new and exciting. I've been a freelancer in oDesk for sometime now (I do freelance writing, research, admin and etc.) and I got to a point where it's getting tedious. I'd have to say the compensation is good (well, it depends on your client) and sometimes it could be rewarding (like when you receive a 5 star feedback or a bonus) but, working at house with the laptop as your constant companion for 2 years may be a little boring.

My nursing career you ask? Well, I tried School Nursing (don't enter this field. haha), I think I lasted for 6 months and decided to stop. Why? Millions of reasons, like all other nurses in their respective fields who has a lot of reasons to quit nursing too. Just imagine 8,000 students in a public high school handled only by 4 nurses (minus 2 senior nurses who were always not around because of the reason that they were hired first and they have children). Yes, it sucks the living daylight out of me. Big time!

school nursing
This reminds me of my senior nurses. lol

But of course, I still won't abandon my Nursing Career. I am currently taking my Masters degree and contemplating on going back to hospital duty early next year. Hopefully, the prodigal nurse will still be welcomed. lol. 

I guess this wraps it up. Thank you so much for reading this. I will be posting more since I realized this is fun to do. :)

Your NOD,

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