Friday, August 24, 2012

Lazada Philippines Review

I've been meaning to buy at Lazada for the longest time, but I'm always afraid to try their site because of some horror reviews.

But since I am moving out of our house next month, I thought of giving this site a try. They offer free shipping nationwide and I saw some good deals which were hard to resist. So last August 14, 2012 I hit the checkout button.

While checking out, I saw that they have the Cash on Delivery option which was great, but I also observed that they don't have the Paypal option. (I wanted to use Paypal so that I can be sure that my Credit Card details are safe). But anyways, I still went for it using my CC. 

Upon Checkout you will see this message: 

"Dear ______,
Thank you for your order. Your order confirmation number is: 
If you'd like to track the status of your order, log on to your LAZADA account. etc"

The next day, I checked my orders page and saw this:


And I thought, uhh where's the status? The "View order" link leads you to the list of items, but still no status.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Beach!

Yesterday morning, my mother woke me up because she wanted me to drive her to the beach. Not because she wanted to swim, but because she wanted to get stones and pebbles to place outside our house. :-| haha

Well, anyways. The Bible says "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. - Ephisians 6:1". So at 6 am, we hit the road. But before I left the house, I brought my camera so that I can take some photos of the beach (seascapes makes me excited!Smiley).

Two of my cousins joined us, and we brought our dog Chimee (a 5 year old female pomspitz) along with us. Sayang nga lang 'coz I forgot to take some photos of my dog. haha

Anywho, here are the post processed beach photos I took using my Panasonic LUMIX FZ47:

water splashing
This is my favorite shot. I just love the water splash! hehe Smiley

I also love this horizon shot.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Layout - Minty Pastels

Because I had fun making my previous layouts, I decided to create more layouts that you guys can use for free. Weee! 

I made a simple 2 column template with some swirls, stripes, flowers and little ribbons on it. I was originally planning to create a unisex layout, but I can't resist adding the ribbons and swirls. haha.

I think I'll make the neutral layout next time. hehe.

Here's the snapshot of the layout:

If you want to download this: Click Here
Demo: Minty Pastels Layout

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thailand Experience and Travel Tips

Right after I left my job as a School Nurse, I decided to have an out of the country vacation to unwind and de-stress myself. Travelling in Thailand is not that costly if you know where to go. (Yes! It's a must visit place for people who loves shopping. hehe).

For those who have plans on visiting Thailand, check out the hotel we stayed - MyHotel Pratunam, they have rooms for two that ranges from 950 to 1,200 bahts per night (Php1,300-1,600). Their rooms are so much better than those pricey hotels here in the Philippines.

The only downside of it was the small elevator and their pervert customers. There were a lot of manyakis na Indian there, so never enter the elevator alone with guys in it. Sa Pinas, hahabulin ka nang bumbay dahil sa utang mo, sa Thailand hahabulin ka dahil gustong bilhin katawan mo. haha. I think it's because Thailand is known as a sex tourism destination.

We arrived at Thailand early morning and we were fetched by Bay (our sweet tour guide). She gave us a walking map of the surrounding area. The hotel was just near the shopping malls and wholesale market so after dropping our things at our room, we went straight to the malls.

tuktuk in bangkok thailand
Tuktuk. We don't ride them because they tend to overprice when it comes to tourists. But MyHotel has a FREE tuktuk service! (only within a certain distance, you can call them to fetch you. hehe)

The next day, Bay went to our hotel and fetched us for our city tour. She brought us around the temples (I forgot the name of the temples. Sorry!) and gave us some brief history of it.

people praying inside the temple
People praying inside the temple.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flood and Leptospirosis

Out of Topic Intro: If you’ve noticed I changed my layout. Yipee! I saw a blog with a cute layout and got inspired (I’m usually masipag if inspired. hehe). And oh, I decided to drop the behind the curtain drama, I figured it’s more interesting if you see the person behind the blog. J Ok, let’s get to the topic.

flood in philippines
source: reuters
With the current flooding situation in Metro Manila, aside from housing damage and scarcity of food, residents are also facing the risk of acquiring communicable diseases. Thanks to our country’s dense population and compromised drainage system, the risk is higher here in the Philippines.

Last 2009, during typhoon 'Ondoy', a Leptospirosis outbreak occurred in the Philippines. With the same flooding situation now, the risk of an outbreak is highly possible.

Leptospira spp., is the causative bacteria of Leptospirosis. It is found in wide range of animals and are transmitted to humans through their urine (rats excrete higher concentration of bacteria). Transmission occurs through the ingestion of contaminated water, contact of open wounds or mucus membrane to urine/tissues of infected animals. And because most houses in the Philippines have rats (whether we like it or not), the disease is endemic in the Philippines and usually rises during typhoon seasons. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012


So I did make a layout for my site (no procrastination. yay!). But, I'm still not satisfied with the design. :( I think I'll probably make a new one (or not haha).

It has been a fun week, so I decided to keep on blogging. I really hope I can sustain this motivation, coz I'm a person with a short-term attention span (not the real disorder. hehe). Anyways, I kept thinking on what topics to post about, but my brain cells kept popping weird random ideas so I ended up with nothing. :|

But rest assured that I will be posting substantial topics in the coming days. : D I'm thinking of travel posts, how-to's in online working, some photoshop tutorials, and of course nursing stuff (looking forward to your suggestions also :D).

And oh, I'm also debating with myself if I should keep the anonymity of this blog. Should I or should I not? Being anonymous has its perks, but its tiring to make a separate email, social media account, and what if I want to join a bloggers meetup? (that would totally compromise my hidden identity drama, right? haha).

I feel really stupid for writing this post. lol.

If you happen to pass by, don't forget to drop me a comment! I would really appreciate that. :X

'Til next time! bye

Your NOD,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What happens after passing the board exam?

Looking back on my fresh grad days,  passing the board exam was the utmost priority and the most crucial thing for me.

passing the board exam
i feel you. haha

You boil yourself in college for 4 years and get roasted for 3 months in review centers because you wanted to have that RN at the end of your name. It's like the judgement day for all BSN graduates. 

But what happens next when all the excitement fades after seeing your name on the list of the board passers and the reality of being one of the unemployed nurses dawns into you?

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