Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bohol Experience (1 Day Itinerary)

Long time no post guys! I've been really busy sorting things out in my life right now. haha. But as promised on my Back in Cebu post, this is our 1 Day Itinerary and some travel tips in Bohol. It wasn't really a planned and prepared trip, so if you have been in Bohol and you have some tips to add, feel free to post on the comments section. :)

So we woke up at 5:00 am and left the hotel at around 6:15 am. We rode a taxi to Pier 4 Cebu City, which was about a 10-minute ride if you are from the town area (we paid about Php 98 for the fare).

When you reach the entrance of the pier, tell the taxi to drop you off on the ticketing office. In our case, the driver brought us straight inside the pier. As a result, we have to walk our way out to the entrance for us to buy our tickets. (noob mode. haha)

Make sure you get off in this area. But if you already have a ticket, you can go straight inside the Pier.

There are so many ferries to chose from. But since Weesam Express cancelled their morning trip, we chose 2GO (formerly known as SuperCat).

Fare for Cebu-Tagbilaran and Tagbilaran-Cebu is Php 875 for one person. For the Business Class, the fare is about Php 1,500.

This was the boat we rode to Tagbilaran. The trip was about an hour and 45 minutes, so if you got to the pier early, it's your time to sleep here. hehe.

We arrived about 8:55 am at Tagbilaran and there were a lot of Tour Agencies inviting us to avail their services. Their prices were pretty much the same, Php 2,500 for Car rental and 3,500 for Van rental. But since I am good with haggling, I got a Php 2,000 deal for a Van rental. Yipee!

The itinerary was Chocolate Hills, Loboc River and Floating Restaurant, Tarsier Sanctuary, Butterfly Garden, Baclayon Church and Blood Compact Site.

Our Tourist Driver was Felix Salomon. 0935-234-6605, you can also ask him for the same price. But I can't guarantee his approval because gasoline price ranges. hehe. But he's really kind.

The travel time to chocolate hills is about 2 hours. So if you are on the front seat, make sure to talk with the driver. Because the road is a bit hypnotizing and sometimes tourist drivers work late at night and you don't want him falling asleep. lol. The entrance fee for Chocolate Hills is Php 50 per person.

Below are shots of Chocolate Hills. I might open a Flickr account for my photos, because there are a lot of pictures I would like to share and I can't post everything here. haha.

After the Chocolate Hills tour, we went to the Tarsier Sanctuary. The entrance fee is Php 60, they give a Php 10 discount for students. Luckily, I brought the School ID that I use for my Masters Degree and the lady thought I was still in college. hahaha. So I paid 50 pesos instead of 60 pesos. (ayaw paawat. lol)

Here are some cute photos of the tarsiers. :D

Emo Tarsier. hahaha

After these, we went to Loboc River where we rode a Floating Restaurant. The Entrance Fee is Php100, and the eat-all-you-can meal per person is Php300. Honestly, I wasn't really satisfied with the buffet because it isn't that delectable, there were also fleas flying around and some viands were already cold and hard to bite. And because we were early, we saw how they refill the buffet table, and the container they used to transfer food is not a good looking one. So I doubted if the preparation of the food is hygienic. But I still ate the food, it is quite tolerable. Besides, you don't wanna waste your Php 400. hahaha

Anyways, here are the pictures of the Loboc River.

After lunch, we looked around the souvenir shops and bought some shirts and stuffs. But we didn't buy too much, because we know the prices were inflated there. You can buy it much cheaper on malls and stores in the town area.

Manong Felix was about to bring us to the Butterfly Garden, but we opted not to go there because we wanted to save time for pasalubong shopping (plus there were already butterfly gardens in Zamboanga) so we skipped it. And we went straight to Baclayon Church.

Baclayon Church is the oldest church in Bohol. There are no entrance fee here, don't pay if someone asks for a certain amount.

From Baclayon church, we went to the Blood Compact site of Rajah Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

No entrance fee for this place as well. There are some vendors who sell cheap souvenirs here. Just don't buy food souvenirs from them because sometimes the items are already past the expiry date so they sell it cheaper.

From the Blood Compact Park, manong felix drove us to the town area and dropped us in front of the mall. We paid the Php2,000 and gave him a Php200 tip (tips are optional, i don't usually tip but I saw his honesty and he was not like the common drivers who are always after the money).

Anyways, after shopping some pasalubongs we went to the ferry terminal (we rode a tricycle costing Php8 per person) and waited for our ferry back to Cebu.

Here's the summary of our expenses:

Travel Cost (Personal Expenses like pasalubong, tips and etc. excluded

2GO Ferry Ticket (Two-way) - Php 875 (terminal fee included)
Chocolate Hills Entrance Fee - Php 50
Tarsier Sanctuary Entrance Fee - Php 50 (discounted)
Loboc Floating Restaurant - Php 400 (meal and entrance fee)
Tricycle Fare from mall to pier - Php 8
Tagbilaran Terminal Fee - Php 11.25

Semi Total = Php 1,394.25

Van rental cost is subjective, meaning for 8 persons it's just Php 250 and for 4 persons it's Php 500.

For 8 persons total cost is Php 1644.25
For 4 persons total cost is Php 1894.25

But of course, prices change from time to time. Just do some research on Ferry fares so you won't get short on your budget.

And this ends my post! Thanks for reading!

Your NOD,
Pinay RN


  1. P2,000 for a van?! Sweet deal! I miss Bohol. I've only been there once and I definitely intend to go back. Hopefully with the whole family.

  2. We were left by the Weesame Express morning trip since we cant wait for the afternoon trip we chose Supercat instead. I miss Bohol too!

    Btw, Youve been chosen!

  3. i always wanted to go to bohol.. wala lang oras.. (at pera :D ) -> got here from lyzette :) @elizarpalad

  4. you didn't went to hinagdanan cave? the cave with the spring hehe you should have been there :))

  5. you should have gone to hinagdanan cave. the cave with the lake inside. :))


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