Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back in Cebu!

I was gone for a quite a while because of some important matters and we celebrated my Mom's birthday in cebu. We actually went to Bohol also, but just for a day. I think I may be posting some travel tips and sample itinerary for that trip.

Since it was already our third time in Cebu, we just went to the places where we haven't visited yet like the Taoist Temple and the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. 

How to go to the Taoist Temple: To reach the temple, you can ride a taxi from your hotel and just tell the driver to bring you to the Taoist Temple. From town proper to the temple, it's just around Php130-150 (or more, depending on where you stay). The temple is located inside a subdivision, so when your taxi slows down and there's a checkpoint, that means you're entering Beverly Hills, and you're already near the temple.

This is where taxis unload their passengers and where private vehicles park. 

Note: If you don't have a private vehicle, tell the taxi driver to wait for you (they usually charge Php100-200), or you can do what we did - walk 'til you see a taxi (haha). But don't worry, there are usually habal-habal (public motorcycles) that are about a 5-minute-walk away from the temple (they usually charge Php10 per person). But since it was still early in the morning, we just walked and luckily we saw a taxi near the entrance of Beverly Hills Subdivision.

This is the entrance of the Temple.

WELCOME to PHILIPPINE TAOIST TEMPLE. You are entering a Taoist Sanctuary for PRAYERS' & MEDITATION. Please observe SILENCE, SOLEMNITY and follow rules while inside MEDITATE; PRAY while you go up to the Main altar.

We were lucky that there are not much tourists when we visited and we didn't encounter unwelcoming staffs in the Temple. I have heard a lot of comments/stories that they have rude staffs there. Anyways, more photos below!

This was taken while we were walking back. It was a great day to walk because it was not really that hot and sunny. So it really pays off when you go there early.

After Taoist Temple, we went straight to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. The fare was about Php90-100 (i forgot. haha)

This was my most favorite shot of all. Smiley

We wanted to go to Magellan's Cross, but it was already hot and we were already sweating like crazy so we went to the malls instead. haha.

I think I posted too much photos so let's end it here.

Thanks for reading!

Your NOD,


  1. I'd love to visit that Taoist temple someday. I've been to Cebu once, but didn't really get to go around. I also wish to go to Bohol with my daughter :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Pepper. :) Bohol has beautiful sceneries (will be posting soon), but it's quite hot there. So make sure to bring payong and lots of water. hehe

  3. Awesome pics! Been in Bohol and Cebu too last year, hope to go and visit again soon..^_^


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