Friday, August 24, 2012

Lazada Philippines Review

I've been meaning to buy at Lazada for the longest time, but I'm always afraid to try their site because of some horror reviews.

But since I am moving out of our house next month, I thought of giving this site a try. They offer free shipping nationwide and I saw some good deals which were hard to resist. So last August 14, 2012 I hit the checkout button.

While checking out, I saw that they have the Cash on Delivery option which was great, but I also observed that they don't have the Paypal option. (I wanted to use Paypal so that I can be sure that my Credit Card details are safe). But anyways, I still went for it using my CC. 

Upon Checkout you will see this message: 

"Dear ______,
Thank you for your order. Your order confirmation number is: 
If you'd like to track the status of your order, log on to your LAZADA account. etc"

The next day, I checked my orders page and saw this:


And I thought, uhh where's the status? The "View order" link leads you to the list of items, but still no status.

So I sent them an email asking my tracking number and this was their reply:

Please be advised that there are instances that the tracking number is delayed due to inventory requisitions that are not updated on time. Kindly track the package again within 24 – 48 hours, and if the tracking number is still showing the same information, feel free to get back with us, and we will take immediate action on this matter.

The first sentence I understood, but the "kindly track the package again within 24-48 hours"? Smiley How on earth would I track it if I don't have the tracking number? Smiley Duh..

I replied with images attached and pointed out that they don't have a "Status or Tracking No." column so I can't track the package. Then the next day, they finally sent me an appropriate reply - the tracking numbers. At long last!

I ordered 3 items: an electric kettle, flat iron, and a juicer.

The electric kettle and flat iron arrived on August 18. That was pretty fast considering I'm in Zamboanga City. I was anticipating more than 10 days of waiting but it came earlier. Hooray!

The delivery is also secured because the LBC staff requested for me to personally claim the package (I was sleeping that time.haha). They also asked for a government ID and I signed about 3 papers before they released the package.

Bubble Wraps! hehe

When I was signing receipts, I asked the LBC man why there were only 2 items, he said that maybe the other one was not shipped yet, but he assured me that the package will arrive.

Then on August 22 (4 days after), the last item arrived. It was still within the range of expected date of arrival (8 days). Not bad!

Conclusion: I was expecting the worst out of this site because of the reviews, but I didn't expect an on time delivery. At first I was disappointed because they separated my items, however, i'd rather have it like this than having my items packed together but arriving at a later time.  The items are intact and with bubble wraps, which I like 'coz I love popping bubble wraps. hehe. They just need to have a chat support, for faster response.  And most importantly, their order page should show the status or tracking number of the items.

But all in all, it's a legit site. So I guess I'm gonna continue shopping in this site.

That's it guys!

Your NOD,
Pinay RN


  1. hmn.. I've been wanting to try them also but I'v so much hesitations. I think I'll gonna try them one of these days ;)

    hello, wanna follow each other?

  2. @Balut The Lucky Blogger Hi Lucky blogger.. :) Yeah, I know the feeling. hehe.

    Sure thing! Just followed you. :D

  3. woah. havent purchased anything from lazada but i've tried zalora, i so hope there'd be no worst thing than them. :/


  4. hi, saw your post in bloggerdise... anyway, i was just asking my colleague an hour ago about Lazada because I am planning to but a gift for boyfie and I saw the Sony Smart Watch add from their website. Good to know they are not bogus. Thanks for this post...

  5. hi there!!! now i know it's legit. jejeje:D i placed an order last aug. 24?? i guess.. it's an android tablet... while reading your review, it seems that you've only waited for 4 days til your 1st 2 items arrived.... (where in the site states it should be 5-10 days outside MM)... is it because you've paid through CC??? I chose C.O.D for some assurance purposes(malay natin, jejejeje).. did they include saturday and sunday + the holiday on counting the days??? i wish they did.... thanks :D

  6. @Lady_Myx hmm.. haven't tried zalora yet.. their site doesn't appeal much to me because of their pricey items. lol.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  7. @Edwin Yaril Yes, the Saturdays and Sundays were included in my count.. I recently ordered another batch of items last August 24, and they arrived this afternoon. That's exactly 5 days (Sat, Sun, and Mon Holiday included). :)

  8. I've been looking around on Lazada for a long time now and I've seen a few items of theirs that interest me, but I never actually bought anything yet cause the prices are a bit too much for me. But I do like that they have a COD option, in case you want to really be sure that your order is gonna get to you. :D

    ~ my beauty blog

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  10. I tried Zalora and the delivery is so fast. I received the item just the day after confirmation of my order. I bought World Balance Shoes and I liked it so much! You may check their on sale items.

  11. My friend bought me an iPhone 4s from Lazada previous Saturday. It's suppose to be delivered by today but there's still none. So I called Lazada in Manila (Im in Cebu) only to be told that my friend needs to send documentations of his credit card and ID. I do understand this policy as airlines do that, but prior to charging or accepting card payments, a declaration is being made to this effect. Lazada does not have that. I asked why we were not told of this, the customer service said an email will be sent to us. What?! After ten days of waiting all we get is an email? And until now there's no email. We will never know this if I didn't call. Not only that we were left in the dark as to what happened to our order, I am also suspected of fraud! Wait, Lazada did not contact us, Lazada already got our money for ten days without telling us of the needed documentation, they don't have a manager to speak with at their customer service, they have not returned my email inquiries... Who is fraud now? And for ten days, if the order is indeed a fraud, the bank would have called them by now and the owner of the credit card filing a complaint. I demand that Lazada ship my phone immediately without delay. They cannot compel us for a policy they never declared in the first place, and they already have our money for ten days and counting! The customer service suggested that I refund the purchase. I wanted to but that would take several transactions again to get the money back plus surcharges from the bank, not to mention interests. No, I will have my iPhone 4s which we have already paid with our money, money that is now earning interests for Lazada without delivering the product, and this shameful post is for Lazada to have for that "bogus" method of getting our money!

    1. Hey "Gregg". I've seen your exact same comment/rant in other blog posts as well. Whose bogus now..? Shhheeessshhh spammers like you should get a life.

    2. Hey "Gregg". I've seen your exact same comment/rant in other blog posts as well. Whose bogus now..? Shhheeessshhh spammers like you should get a life.

    3. Too bad, ordered before reading the reviews. Bad reviews outnumbered the very few good ones. It was an exasperating experience with LAZADA for me. Ordered an expensive lens a couple of days ago and they confirmed my order by email and by phone.

      Then suddenly they cancelled by order saying the item was out of stock yet it is still showing in their website as confirmed by the customer service representative I was talking with. What a bummer! I hope I can still get my money back since they already charged my credit card! Will post again for an update.

  12. Check out this review:

    They really have a lot of complaints...

  13. I still think i cant trust the site.

  14. Hi PinayRN, i am glad i saw your post, coz i already ordered Sony SmartWatch and never paid it yet, i choose BDO over the counter payment. i never use CC/DC in online transaction like this (privacy). and since Lazada is published in TV ads or somewhere, this is Legit i think. should i proceed to pay the ordered items? my location is in CEBU which is 5-10 days to arrived. thinking that its a thousand worth of money to waste but no GUTCHES no Glory!!! right? hehehe have to try it out.

  15. Yes, delivery is on time BUT check out the price! Lazada's price is much much higher compare to other online store. I bought a digicam worth 17K but when i browse other online store it' s only 13K!

  16. Check out the price before u order. Lazada's price are much much higher compare to other online store. I bought a digicam worth 17k, net of 23% discount. When i had d chance to compare it with othe online store it's only 13K!

  17. I like Lazada and Zalora. They sell great items.

  18. ok yun kasi ang inorder mo mga ganyan lang e pero mas maraming issue sa mga digital device like phones and other digital electronic stuffs kasi ako nag order ako nang flip mino pag dating pa lang sira na may 14 days return daw pero nag memesage ako at email at tawag. . pero walang sumasagot nag reply lang sila after ilang araw na. . ginawa ko pina ayos ko na lang sa iba kainis!

  19. For me Lazada is a good place for shopping or maybe the best place!
    What I do is when i see the price is high i go to
    I mean you get free delivery and discount! Make sense?

  20. 2014-06-25 22:45:10
    Your order has been passed to LBC with tracking number
    For more details on your shipment, please go to LBC, Track and Trace or Update shipping status or contact the shipping provider hotline.
    (24/7): 02-8585999 (within NCR); 1-800-10-8585999 (toll-free nationwide via PLDT)

    Mag-ingat mga kababayan ang order na yan ay wala pa rin as of 1 July 2014 pag track mo ang binigay nilang tracking number invalid ang lalabas two times na nangyari sa akin. Papaasahin lang kayo...


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