Sunday, August 5, 2012


So I did make a layout for my site (no procrastination. yay!). But, I'm still not satisfied with the design. :( I think I'll probably make a new one (or not haha).

It has been a fun week, so I decided to keep on blogging. I really hope I can sustain this motivation, coz I'm a person with a short-term attention span (not the real disorder. hehe). Anyways, I kept thinking on what topics to post about, but my brain cells kept popping weird random ideas so I ended up with nothing. :|

But rest assured that I will be posting substantial topics in the coming days. : D I'm thinking of travel posts, how-to's in online working, some photoshop tutorials, and of course nursing stuff (looking forward to your suggestions also :D).

And oh, I'm also debating with myself if I should keep the anonymity of this blog. Should I or should I not? Being anonymous has its perks, but its tiring to make a separate email, social media account, and what if I want to join a bloggers meetup? (that would totally compromise my hidden identity drama, right? haha).

I feel really stupid for writing this post. lol.

If you happen to pass by, don't forget to drop me a comment! I would really appreciate that. :X

'Til next time! bye

Your NOD,


  1. your site layout is cool, keep it! welcome to blogworld. ^_^


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