Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Beach!

Yesterday morning, my mother woke me up because she wanted me to drive her to the beach. Not because she wanted to swim, but because she wanted to get stones and pebbles to place outside our house. :-| haha

Well, anyways. The Bible says "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. - Ephisians 6:1". So at 6 am, we hit the road. But before I left the house, I brought my camera so that I can take some photos of the beach (seascapes makes me excited!Smiley).

Two of my cousins joined us, and we brought our dog Chimee (a 5 year old female pomspitz) along with us. Sayang nga lang 'coz I forgot to take some photos of my dog. haha

Anywho, here are the post processed beach photos I took using my Panasonic LUMIX FZ47:

water splashing
This is my favorite shot. I just love the water splash! hehe Smiley

I also love this horizon shot.

Another shot of waves rushing to the shore.

The rock look likes a camel in this photo. haha

This would be lovely without the plastics on the shore. Smiley

Since there were trashes on the shore, I went near the waters to get a better shot.

I think I was already in the waters taking this shot. hehe

calm sea
There's something about the calmness of the sea. Smiley

island view
This was the view on my left side. The island you see (near the watermark) is Sta Cruz Island. Then behind that are the mountains of Basilan.

Lovely branches.

Another tree.  Smiley


Took this before leaving the beach.

We left the beach around 9 am. It was fun seeing my dog soaked and sandy. haha. She was barking like crazy when people pass by our cottage. lol.

It's amazing how God created this world with wonderful details. But it's sad seeing how we destroy it little by little. Smiley

I hope people will be more conscious on where they throw their trashes. God created the earth with love. How would you feel if someone destroys something you did with all your heart?

Okay, so much for that. hehe.

I'll be updating this with the photos I took on my phone. And I'm thinking of changing my layout again (Smiley i know. haha), I want a wider width for my posts because of the photos. But I think I'll do the changes next month. hehe.

Thanks for reading!

Your NOD,
Pinay RN

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