Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Layout - Minty Pastels

Because I had fun making my previous layouts, I decided to create more layouts that you guys can use for free. Weee! 

I made a simple 2 column template with some swirls, stripes, flowers and little ribbons on it. I was originally planning to create a unisex layout, but I can't resist adding the ribbons and swirls. haha.

I think I'll make the neutral layout next time. hehe.

Here's the snapshot of the layout:

If you want to download this: Click Here
Demo: Minty Pastels Layout

How to use the layout:
1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard. Then, click "Template"
2. On the upper right corner of your window, you will find "Backup / Restore". Go ahead and click that.
3. Optional: Click "Download full template". This will save your current layout, so that you can change it back in case you don't want to use my layout. haha.
4. After that, click "Choose File" and Select the "Minty Pastels Layout.xml", then click the "Upload" button.
5. You're not yet done.

How to edit the Main Menu:
1. Go to "Template" again, click "Edit Html", then click "Proceed".
2. Use the Find tool (Ctrl + F), and type "Edit Link".3. Replace Edit Link1, Edit Link2, Edit Link3, and Edit Link4 with the page name, and fill the corresponding URL.
       Example: <li><a href=''>Contact Me</a></li>
       Note: To know the URL of your page just right click the Page Name then click "Copy Link Address"
4. Click "Preview" first, then if everything is okay, click "Save Template"

For the Social Media Icons:
To download the whole set of the icons: Visit this site
To make it easier for you, just add a "Html/Javascript" Widget. Then paste this:
<a href='Facebook URL'><img src=""/></a>
<a href='Twitter URL'><img src=""/></a>
<a href='RSS Feeds URL'><img src=""/></a>
<a href='Stumbleupon URL'><img src=""/></a>
<a href='Digg URL'><img src=""/></a>

If you have any questions, just comment me on this post or email me at

Terms of Use: Just don't remove my link on the Footer section.


Your NOD,

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  1. Very Useful and I really like this layout, thank you so much!


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